Nature Spirituality

Facilitating connection with spirituality through Nature


Using Nature to Find and Connect with Your Spiritual Connection and Congruency with Your Soul’s Path

What is Nature Spirituality?

Our Mission:

Our 4 Pillars of Nature Spirituality Focus


Through knowledge and understanding of the “magic” of nature, people enhance their ability to connect with their spirituality.  Education is not just a classroom activity, in fact the best way to learn about nature is to spend time out in nature, and we help facilitate people becoming connected.


To conserve/ preserve nature for our and future generations is critical to sharing the “magic” of nature.  The restorative effect that nature provides is vital to human existence.  We invest in the preservation of land and conservation of species for all.


There has been a fair bit of research done on the benefits that nature provides us, but very little research then takes that information and uses it to help people.  That’s where we come in.  We use empirical based research to develop retreats to help people connect. This research is used to help people connect with nature, conservation, and awareness.


It is impossible to help preservation of spiritual nature without understanding the challenges that nature faces from human destruction.  By providing awareness and tangible means to do your part, this allows for each individual to help.

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